This Autumn, Armenian Language is going digital !

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Ecran Calfa

Calfa participates at three major international conferences on Digital and Artificial Intelligence, to speak about the Armenian Language.

4th Eastern Partnership E-Infrastructure Conference

Erevan, Matenadaran, September 25-26, 2019

September 26th, Calfa will attend, as guest speaker, the 4th Conference of the EaPConnect Network of the European Union, taking place in Yerevan. This conference intends to start exchanges and conversation in the field of Data Science in Europe and the possible applications in the various economic sectors within the countries bordering the EU.

We will be taking part in the conference on the matter of Artificial Intelligence and applications for cultural heritage, with the case study of the Armenian language. Through this presentation, we will address the perspectives regarding automated translation, optical character recognition, e-governing, cultural heritage preservation and developments for tourism. Examples tested and covered by our team will be introduced to the participants.

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Digital Humanities Conference

Budapest, Université Eötvös Loránd, September 25-27, 2019

This week, a colloquium focused on Distant Reading is being held by theCentre for Digital Humanities atEötvös Loránd University in partnership with the "COST Action Distant Reading for European Literary History Project".

Calfa will attend to speak more precisely about the way we have been compiling our corpus and conducting the collective annotation of Armenian ancient manuscripts (crowdsourcing). The presentation will also show how, at Calfa, we combine data with our machine learning algorithms at the service of the language.

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International Conference Digital Armenian

Paris, INALCO, October 3-5, 2019

Lastly, and for the first time, Calfa is co-organizing this year an international conference entirely dedicated to the Armenian Language in the Digital Age. The colloquium will take place at the beginning of October at INALCO, in Paris.

  • October 3rd, our CTO Thomas Riccioli will present the lexical resources and the search engine of the platform,
  • October 4th, our Project Leader Chahan Vidal-Gorène will hold a presentation to review the state of the art on OCR technologies for printed and manuscripts in Armenian,
  • October 5th, he will also conduct a workshop, open to the public, to introduce and teach how to use the OCR technology developed by Calfa.
Several of our partners will also be attending and taking part in the colloquium: the Nubar Library of AGBU and the BULAC will present and share their digitization policies for their Armenian handwritten collections.

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Vidal Chahan