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A recognition engine for handwritten characters

We are developing a character recognition service (OCR/HTR) based on the latest advances in artificial intelligence. We assist our partners with tailor-made projects.

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The project's journey

Our vision

The presentation and the practice of Ancient languages are key stakes in the understanding and the survival of modern languages as well as in the studying of former texts and lost civilisations. We intend to put the new technologies in the service of the languages and the valorization of the cultural heritage. We are particularly working on rare languages with a rich heritage and at the heart of digitization challenges.

An innovative dictionary

The dictionary is designed to enable the discovery of the Armenian vocabulary and its use. The search engine developed by Calfa can answer all kinds of requests from the very simple to the highly complex. Thanks to entirely digitized dictionaries and fully interconnected data, you can browse through the entire contents of the platform. Calfa offers a new way to discover the Armenian lexicon, by proceeding further along in the language digitalization.


In 2014, the project to offer an online, simple and complete Armenian dictionary was launched! Based on the Classical Armenian-French dictionary of Ambroise Calfa, our work gathered our knowledge in mathematics, in computer science, in linguistics and in lexicography to achieve a unique major working tool updated an effective for every Aremanian speakers. In 2017, the Calfa team decided to combine Armenian dictionaries with artificial intelligence technologies to bring the language to the digital age by developing an OCR.

A startup

Calfa is an innovative startup specialized in automatic character recognition (OCR and HTR technologies). In november 2016, we received support from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation within the Call for proposals "Armenian Language in The Digital Age" to develop an innovative character recognition engine for printed and handwritten Armenian texts. Our team is composed by PhD students and engineers in Artificial Intelligence, specialized in Deep Learning. Today, we are continuing to develop our expertise and our services in character recognition to meet the needs and respond to the problems of our partners

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Chahan Vidal-Gorène (PhD)

Mathematician and linguist


Agnès Ouzounian (Dr)


Database editor

Thomas Riccioli

Software engineer


Aliénor Decours-Perez

Consulting editor

Editor and administration

Rémi Cadène (PhD)

AI specialist


Ahmed Mazari (PhD)

AI specialist


Boris Dupin

Machine Learning engineer


Baptiste Queuche

Marketing specialist

CMO & sales

And with the participation of Laure and Charlotte Belekian, Maurice Karamanoukian, Parik Simsar, Lorraine Saujot, Juliette Martin and especially Marie-Suzanne Gorène-Chehade.

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Selective biography

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