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Delivering new technologies for oriental languages. Dedicated to organizations, companies and cultural heritage professionals.

Developing Natural Language Processing (NLP) for oriental languages

Digitizing texts and document

Protecting cultural heritage and make it accessible with digital technology.

Our expertises


Printed texts recognition

Calfa developed an Artificial Intelligence for oriental languages. This technology is able to analyse the page layout and extract the text printed on the paper, giving it a digital new potential.

Handwritten texts recognition

The AI developped by Calfa is specially designed for the recognition of handwritings in oriental languages. The detection can run on writing styles from all ages, from a 1000-years-old manuscripts to a document written yesterday.


Assisting digitization projects

Calfa is working for institutions and companies in their digitization projects or automated processes on documents (OCR system, recognition API, collections browsing tools, search engines, expert assessment for catalogues and collections enhancement...). Calfa tools are customized accordingly to the specific features and the language of your project.


Text Analysis technology

We are offering an AI dedicated to grammatical analysis and morphological tagging for texts in oriental languages, allowing to process data contained in the documents.

Rare languages

Eastern, Western and Classical Armenian, Old and Modern Georgian, Syriac, Hebrew, Arabic scripts : our team is composed by linguists in oriental languages to guide our AI with precise language models.


Our latest projects

About Calfa

Founded in 2014, Calfa is developing text detection and automated analysis technologies for manuscripts written in oriental languages. Our team is composed of PhD-students and engineers in Artificial Intelligence, specialists of deep learning. We are today improving our expertise in text recognition and digitization for the needs of our partners, facing a lack of performing tools dedicated to oriental languages.

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