Calfa OCR for research : Application form

Calfa offers free OCR processing to researchers and private individuals concerned by the following criteria:

  • You are a PhD-student, a researcher or a private individual
  • Your need is punctual and for few documents only, in the framework of your personal research/work. If you need an OCR tool for a regularly use, higher volumes and professional use, please contact us through our dedicated OCR service form
  • We process OCR for free in the limit of : 50 pages for printed documents. 20 pages for manuscripts.
If possible, send us from your documents only the pages you effectively want the text to be detected by the OCR. Some documents are too complex, damaged, or illegible to be automatically processed. When this occurs, we inform you by email.

Send your documents

Always respect the editors and copyrights of the documents. Calfa is not responsible of illegal use of the text or data generated by its OCR processes.

Personal data send with this form are intended for Calfa only and will be used to reply to your request.