Calfa Team to lead a workshop at TUMO Center Yerevan about Artificial Intelligence

Cours TUMO

Is a computer able to learn how to read ? And if yes, would you know how to teach him Armenian alphabet ? A team from Calfa is leading a learning lab at TUMO Center of Yerevan, from March 7th to 22nd 2019, in order to make the public aware of the topic of the character recognition (OCR/HTR).
The objectives for the students are to discover the stakes and needs of OCR/HTR systems, to try their hand at the latest technologies in this area (particularly with technologies involving Deep Learning), and to build their own recognition engine. For 15 days, the students will evolve as data scientists and will be invited to work on the different development steps of an intelligent system, from preparing the data to evaluating the results.

This learning lab will also be the opportunity to go deeper into more specific topics embraced by Calfa : how to combine Armenian Studies and Artificial Intelligence, and for which purposes ? How Artificial Intelligence can be a differentiator in heritage preservation ? How are working Calfa and its partners for Armenian manuscripts at digital age ? So the workshop is including :

  • some Armenian palaeography content ;
  • an initiation to cognitive science and machine learning to read documents ;
  • and finally an introduction to Classical Armenian.

The TUMO Center for Creative Technologies is an organization that offers to young Armenians from 12 to 18 years old the opportunity to develop their own projects and take free courses in computer science, programming, robotics, and many other fields of the digital and creative technologies, supervised by experts and professionals.


The lab will be led at the TUMO Center of Yerevan by Chahan and Thomas. Follow us on our Facebook page to get some news on the workshop and the works of the students !

The announcement of the lab is on the TUMO website (English and Armenian)

Vidal Chahan